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3 frustrating problems with creative staffing and how to avoid them.


The changing needs in the creative media industry require shifting your teams’ strong suits to fit the type of media campaigns your client has purchased. Most of the time, we look to either bringing in freelancers or outsourcing parts of the process; and we all know that hiring creatives can have challenges. Getting good ones is hard. Getting great ones is even harder and keeping them is hardest of them all. Here are our top problems companies face when looking to hire new artists.


1. Getting low level artists and beginners

Creative agencies take a large portion of the artist salary. It is hard for the staffing firms to pay the artists well and keep the rate to the client reasonable. What happens is you get either inexperienced artist or weird people that can’t keep good relationships.


2. It’s hard to keep a steady relationship with the artist that you like

Because the better artists eventually work directly with their clients or they jump ship on the staffing agencies first chance they get.

Scenario: You hire an artist for two weeks; you complete part of a project and you decide you like an artist and feel that they have the skills that fits. Three weeks later you go to use them again and they aren’t available because they got a better opportunity elsewhere.

This happens more times than not. You can’t blame the artist because they have to keep busy and as the old adage goes, “the cream rises to the top.”


3. You still have to manage the ins and outs of the work

Most of the time when you have to use lower level artists or temps, they do not have the depth of knowledge, confidence and experience to really handle the work. This once again takes up much more of your time and slows down your creative and production process.

If you are hiring an artist to do some work and then you have to go back and redo the work yourself, the last thing you are doing is saving money. Sometimes the cheapest option is not the lowest priced.

Since finding great artists and keeping them can be a challenge, consider using Ten Four Production Graphics for your upcoming project (how’s that for a plug :P). We have the artist manpower at all levels and with the oversight of only the best artists out there. We even offer branding services. We can save you time and keep your costs fixed so you don’t have to worry going over budget. Plus you get the work with the same group of artists every time for a cohesive look and feel.


joepic_2016Joe Iacobellis – Marketing Director / Account Executive